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Brewsy Reserve

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Make world-class wines with Brewsy right at home! You get juiced, vineyard-fresh wine grapes for a vine-to-table Brewsy experience unmatched in quality or taste. These grapes are from California & Italian vineyards and are the same ones used to make $30+ bottles! Swipe the images to see all of them. Each set includes juiced wine grapes, clarifier, and the appropriate number of Brewsy Bags, but not a glass gallon jug or wine bottles.

World's Easiest Hydrometer Kit

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The world's easiest hydrometer kit, perfect for precisely measuring your ABV! We guarantee you'll be able to understand exactly how it works with our super-easy instructions and state-of-the-art online calculator. No math? No problem!

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12 Brewsy Bags

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12 awesome Brewsy Bags for a lower price than ever!

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Brewsy Gift Card


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An online Brewsy gift card delivered to you instantly via email. Never expiring, perfectly giftable, and usable anywhere on our site!

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Brewsy Starter Kit

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