Brewsy Product Tester Inspo

If you’re seeing this, your Brewsy has arrived.

YAY!!! 🥳

We put together some inspo for when you’re ready to film your TikTok product review 🥺

Please please post your video within the next two weeks and tag @getbrewsy so we can see it!!

Here are some examples we love:


aaand here are some awesome things to mention (if you want): 

  • Brewsy makes the easiest winemaking kit ever 
  • You can brew any juice into wine as quick as 5 days!
  • There are unlimited ways to make wine by you, just the way you like it

Thank you SO much for supporting our small business!! ❤️❤️❤️

We can’t wait to hear what you think!! Please feel free to respond to our texts with any questions you have. We love learning from you!