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Start your new favorite hobby today! Make 12 bottles of incredible wine, cider, or mead in just 7 days using any juice.

Every order comes with our 365 Day Guaranteed Instant Refund™. Love it or it's free! No returns necessary: we'll just refund you if you don't love it.

Each kit makes 12 bottles: 4 bottles of your wine of choice, and 8 bottles of anything else!

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We've partnered with wineries across the country to get fresh & already juiced wine grapes!
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100 Day Money Back Guarantee: For 100 days after delivery, we'll issue you a 100% refund (including shipping & tax) if you don't love the wine, cider, or mead you make. No strings attached!

End result: Each starter kit makes 3 batches of wine, mead, or cider in 7 days. Each batch is the size of four bottles of wine – so one kit makes 12 bottles total.

Alcohol percentage: Brewsy is guaranteed to make wine, cider, and mead that are 12 - 15% ABV (alcohol by volume).

Kit contents: Each kit contains 3 winemaking sachets, 2 airlocks, 2 rubber stoppers, app access, digital instructions, 24/7 winemaker support via email & text.

All Brewsy wines, ciders, & meads are: gluten-free, vegan, preservative-free, no added sulfites, sulfate-free.

We're working on: natural, organic, & kosher certifications.

Every Brewsy order includes: unlimited one-on-one winemaker support at any time of day or night.

Available support channels: email, text, Facebook Messenger, Instagram.

Average first response time: 1.95 hours

Free lifetime access: Brewsy Beginners Facebook group (3000+ members), Advanced Brewsy Facebook Group (9000+ members), Brewsy App.

Local: at least 1,000 Brewsy winemakers already in your state.


quick q's... more below 👇

What if I don't like it? 🤔

With our 365 Day Guaranteed Instant Refund, you can simply text, email, or FB message us anytime and get a 100% refund.

No returns, no questions asked. Your purchase is 100% risk free!

How fast do I get it? 🤔

We ship 100% of orders within 1 business day with free, tracked 2-day shipping. We text you when it's delivered.

Is there support on how to use it? 🤔

Yes! Each kit comes with 24/7 free winemaker support for life via text, email, Instagram DM, and Facebook messenger.

We'll never send you through an automated robot, ever. You're always connected to a real person right away.

how brewsy works 🔬

Step 1:

Grab your juiced wine grapes 🍇

No stomping here! We've already juiced vineyard-fresh wine grapes that we'll send you. You can use any other juice in the world, too.

Step 2:

Add a Brewsy Bag 💥

Simply pour in one Brewsy Bag to start the fermentation. Each Brewsy Bag makes 4 bottles of wine. You get three Brewsy Bags with every kit!

Step 3:

Yeast eat the sugars 🍽

Fermentation time! ⏰ Your yeast will wake up, swim around, and chomp on your juice for five days. In exchange, they make alcohol & bubbles. This part is incredible to watch!

Step 4:

You made wine! 🤯🍷🥰

Enjoy your incredible wine. It'll be awesome right away, or let it age with fruits, oak chips, & flavors!

so, what's a Brewsy Bag?
Basically, it's a full-scale Napa winery shrunk down into a packet, designed from thousands of tests. With over 120,000 sold, it's also the easiest way to make wine, cider, or mead in just one week.
brewsy bag

The Best Wine Yeast


The Best Wine Yeast

An incredibly wine yeast normally not available to any but the finest wineries.

Organic Micronutrients


Organic Micronutrients

Dual-nutrient system: one for yeast hydration, one for yeast nutrition & stamina

Potassium Bicarbonate


Potassium Bicarbonate

This ingredient helps reduce excess acidity caused by temperature swings found in living rooms & residential kitchens.




A natural volcanic clay that has been used for thousands of years to clarify wine. Ours is a new & exclusive formulation designed to produce cleaner wine than ever!

Malolactic Culture


Malolactic Culture

This helper organism eats harsh malic acid and produces softer lactic acid.

Winemaker Support


Winemaker Support

Every Brewsy Bag comes with all day, all night customer support for a lifetime over text, email, Facebook chat, and Instagram. ♥️

faq's 🙋🏻‍♀️

Does Brewsy work with juice with preservatives, or pasteurized juice? 🤔

Yes! The Brewsy formula will actually work with all store-bought juice, and other sweet drinks, too!

In the last 10 years, American manufacturers stopped using the preservatives that block fermentation!

The Brewsy Bag isn't just yeast, right? 🤔

No, the Brewsy Bag isn’t just yeast at all — it’s actually a carefully-engineered blend of five ingredients.

Basically, we shrunk a Napa winery into a tiny packet. We care about transparency, so here's what's inside:

1. An industry-exclusive wine yeast

2. A carefully-blended mixture of micronutrients

3. Potassium bicarbonate (to cut down on acidity)

4. Bentonite (a volcanic clay that adds clarity to your wine)

5. Malolactic culture (to turn harsher flavors into softer, smoother ones)

Is it gluten free? 🤔


Brewsy is 100% gluten-free and made in a facility that does not process gluten-containing ingredients.

Is it keto? Low carb? Low in sugar? 🤔

yes! brewsy is 100% keto-friendly and every single recipe has a 'low sugar' or keto setting! in fact, you can CHANGE any full-sugar juice into a low-sugar wine with brewsy!

100% of our recipes can be made keto-style with as little as 1g of sugar per serving. simply pick a recipe, then use our sweetness calculator on our starter recipe page and choose 'DRY | KETO'. after your wine/cider is done, you can add monkfruit, stevia, etc to taste!

When does it expire? 🤔

brewsy bags: the brewsy bags (packets) will last 1.5 years in storage.

wine or cider: your wine or cider will last 3-5 years in your refrigerator!

How sweet will it be? 🤔

great news: it's 100% up to you!

we build a really cool sweetness calculator that works with ANY of our recipes and it lets you pick whether you want your wine dry / keto, semi-dry, semi-sweet, sweet, extra sweet, or dessert wine! you can check it out in action in our starter recipe at

Why isn't most wine vegan? 🤔

Almost all wines that you'll find in the store go through an unnecessary clarifying step where gelatin (from pigs) or shellfish products are used to make the wine more clear. Fortunately, you can instead clarify the wine you make at home with a mechanical step called racking. The Brewsy Bag is completely vegan, made without any animal products.

What if I don't like it? 🤔

Just text us and we'll give you a 100% refund. You'll get our cell when you open up your package.

what's in the box?
Everything you need to make 12 delicious bottles of wine and more!
3 brewsy bags
tools, instructions, & stickers
juiced wine grapes!

Customer Reviews

Based on 240 reviews



Great product


It's OK. I am disappointed in the website and, even more so, the app. I can't remember the exact name of it, but it's something like drink designer leaves something to be desired. Considering the fact that this is why I bought the starter kit, I'm really bummed.

Another disappointment is that the use of sulfites is encouraged. The whole reason I started making wine (3 years ago) was that I could make wine without sulfites and other chemicals. There is no discussion of letting the yeast just do their thing until fermentation finishes. While a hydrometer is offered, I have no discussion of how to use it or why you would use it. Trust me, it's for more than calculating the ABV.

A critical piece that's missing is sanitization. There is nothing worse that putting the effort into a brew only for it to be contaminated.

While I'm not a fan of pasteurization, I think it should be included somewhere as an option.

I have more, but I'm out of space.


It showed up 5 days to late for Christmas even though I ordered ahead and used express shipping. But then when it does get here, it’s NOT in the box you’re showing or the bright blue one in the ads. Just a completely plain white box, much too big for the contents inside. Waiting to hear from my son in law if it’s works well, but I’m not holding my breath given what’s happened so far


It turned out ok but it was very expensive having it delivered to Canada for all that it was.