American Oak Aging Barrel

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This barrel accelerates aging in a matter of weeks, adding flavorful notes to your alcoholic beverages, such as wine, cider, and mead. It includes a barrel, a stand, a spigot, and a bung, with a 1/4 gallon (1 liter) capacity and weighing 1.6 lbs.

Crafted with precision, this barrel is designed to fast-track the aging process, reducing it to just a few weeks. No longer will you need to wait for years to sip your perfectly aged wines, ciders, or meads. Experience the instant transformation in your beverages' profiles as they absorb the rich, earthy undertones and complex textures imparted by the oak.

Each barrel comes as part of a comprehensive set, which includes a robust stand, a reliable spigot, and a sturdy bung. These accessories enhance the practicality of the barrel, making the aging process straightforward and hassle-free! The stand provides stability, the spigot ensures easy pouring, and the bung seals the barrel to maintain the beverage's quality and freshness.


What if I don't like it? 🤔

We'll give you a 100% refund. You can contact us via text, email, or even Facebook messenger any time of day or night. ✅

Is there support on how to use it?

Yes! Every purchase comes with all day winemaker support via text, email, or Facebook messenger. We got you! 👍

Does this ship with my Brewsy items?

This ships separately from your Brewsy items, but it still ships FREE and FAST!

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