Brewsy Reserve

* note that Brewsy Reserve is excluded from the sitewide discount * 

a surprise so good, we're finally capitalizing letters! but just this once.

Brewsy Reserve is our limited-edition line of fresh squeezed juices for those seeking a vine-to-table winemaking experience unmatched in quality or taste. our Zinfandel Rosé Juice, Cabernet Sauvignon Juice, and Chardonnay Juice are sourced from top-notch, artisanal wineries in California, allowing you to make premium wines in your own home without having to add any additional sugar.

Note: ONLY 300 AVAILABLE OF EACH VARIETAL. Guaranteed delicious or your money back. This is a pre-order! Your Brewsy Reserve is expected to ship December 8th. You will receive a text and email when they ship out. Each package contains 4000mL of wine grape juice – enough for 5 bottles – and one Brewsy GoClear Minipack (mini kieselsol & chitosan clarifier packets). Requires a previously-purchased brewsy welcome kit to use.

how it works
now, you can make delicious wines & ciders at home the same way they're made in wineries around the world!

15% ABV wine is just 5 days away:
1. sweeten the juice
sweeten any store bought juice to get it as sweet as wine grapes.
2. juice, meet yeast
add one of three included brewsy bags, a beautiful blend of wine yeast + 5 other ingredients.
3. watch it bubble away
your juice will start bubbling away as the yeast eat the sugar to produce alcohol and carbonation.
why wine's better with brewsy
we all know homemade is simply better – and it's true for wine and cider too. ‍

but that's not the only reason brewsy wines & ciders are better than the factory-made bottles you've had before...
guaranteed tasty or we give you your $$$ back
you get to choose exactly how sweet you want your wine or cider
you can make 12 - 18 bottles of wine with the starter kit and 12 - 18 more with each brewsy bag refill!
100% sulfite-free, preservative free, and free of artificial ingredients.
what's in the box?
everything you need to make 18 bottles of wine and more!
three magical brewsy bags!
three universal special caps!
an amazing winemaking book!
stickers to label your juice!
and even more fun stuff inside!