keto winemaking kit

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Big wine has you drinking sugary wines?
Make your own delicious keto wine today!
  • turns any juice into delicious wine or cider in 5 days
  • one kit makes 12 - 18 bottles of wine
  • make wine at only $2.12/bottle
  • sold out 3X already!
  • perfect for gift-giving
  • makes delicious vegan, no-sulfite-added, and keto wines

Happy Guaranteed – if you don't love it, we'll refund 100% of your purchase.

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choose your welcome kit
The better welcome kit includes our limited edition box design and starter glassware: 4 bottles, 2 glass gallon jugs, reusable corks, and a funnel.

The winemaker's bundle includes the better welcome kit and our Brewsy Reserve Zinfandel Rosé crushed & juiced grapes (makes 5 bottles of Rosé).
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better welcome kit
winemaker's bundle
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how it works
now, you can make delicious wines & ciders at home the same way they're made in wineries around the world!

15% ABV wine is just 5 days away:
1. sweeten the juice
sweeten any store bought juice to get it as sweet as wine grapes.
2. juice, meet yeast
add one of three included brewsy bags, a beautiful blend of wine yeast + 5 other ingredients.
3. watch it bubble away
your juice will start bubbling away as the yeast eat the sugar to produce alcohol and carbonation.
why wine's better with brewsy
we all know homemade is simply better – and it's true for wine and cider too. ‍

but that's not the only reason brewsy wines & ciders are better than the factory-made bottles you've had before...
guaranteed tasty or we give you your $$$ back
you get to choose exactly how sweet you want your wine or cider
you can make 12 - 18 bottles of wine with the starter kit and 12 - 18 more with each brewsy bag refill!
100% sulfite-free, preservative free, and free of artificial ingredients.
what's in the box?
everything you need to make 18 bottles of wine and more!
three magical brewsy bags!
three universal airlocks!
an amazing winemaking book!
stickers to label your juice!
and even more fun stuff inside!

Customer Reviews

Based on 423 reviews
Pam Marshall (Union, US)

So easy and so much better for you to know what is in your wine. No more headaches for me!

Warren Richardson (Bloomington, US)
Great Product

Everything I have made has turned out great. I seem to have some brewing all the time and my friends can not get enough. Mango is a big favorite.

Sue Williams (Osceola, US)
Brewsy FUN🍷

Hubby & I ordered a Brewsy kit for Valentines Day & we haven’t stopped since it was delivered!!! It’s Fun, Easy & makes the juice aisle in every store an adventure!!! The FB group has made it even More Fun!!!

Laura Mcbride (Pioche, US)
Love my new hobby!!!

I am pretty new at this but I am having so much fun!! I started making wine with Brewsy about a month ago and I have had 1 or 2 batches fermenting at a time since. Every time I go to the market, I look for new juices to use. Your customer service is great, I had a problem with a lost order and the problem was resolved very quickly. I can see myself making wine with Brewsy for a long time to come.

James Kommer (Southampton, US)
The hobby I’ve been looking for!

All I can say is wow! I’ve been looking for a fun, exciting new hobby and Brewsy is it! The product is amazing, the team is helpful and attentive and the community is the best. Thanks, Brewsy!!

Jan Stumphf (Clarksville, US)
Brewsy’s Boozy Retirement Hobby

I found Brewsy on Facebook a few months after I retired from 40+ years of nursing. It’s a great hobby! I don’t imbibe much myself due to alcohol being a migraine trigger for me but I enjoy providing new brews for spouse and other family members.

Kyla Bleile (Rochester, US)
Best Yeast Ever!

After all the years I’ve been brewing, Brewsy is tops! I haven’t had one bad batch! Always have a brew going now, and learned to keep my mouth quite, since all my friends want some too! Lol

Keri Scrivines (Westminster, US)
Fun hobby

Brewsy is inexpensive enough to play around with and figure out what you like by trial and error. It's fun to brew your own concoctions!

Lacey Young (Santa Clara, US)
Easy, breezy, booziful. Brewsy kit.

Or however that commercial goes. Once you do your first batch with all of your questions or concerns answered via a real-life-person-being over text (super cool, very nice), the process is easy and very fun! While your beverage of choice is fermenting, it’s fun to think of what you can make next, and personally I like to make punny names for my concoctions. I’ve been experimenting with juice blends and loving how they turn out. I’m so glad I became a Brewsy regular, I don’t have to wait to get another magic bag, I’ve already got a few and when an idea strikes I can just go for it with only a little research for sugar adjustments (which again can be worked through with some Real Person advice texts!) and voila. Good personalized gift idea and of course for your own fridge. The only thing I can think of negatively is just waiting for the brew to be done! :]
Pictured below is my latest, Cherry Bomb... almost finished it already, the house loves it. Pro tip make it by the gallon!

Jeanette Thompson (North Monmouth, US)

I love that ❣️ can make my own flavors, thank you so much!!!