Set Of 6 Double-Wall Vacuum Sealed Thermo Glass 6.8 Fl Oz | 200 Ml by Wilmax Porcelain

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Fulfilled by our friends at Wilmax Porcelain

Small, 200-ml (6. 8 oz) thermo double-walled glasses with no base are a practical serving option for a feast, buffet, or a simple dinner. They are ideal for soft drinks allowing you to maintain the temperature of the drink in a glass for a long time. Hot drinks also retain their heat well, being poured into such glassware, and you will not burn your hands while handling it.
 Such glasses are also good for serving portioned dishes - desserts, vegetable verrines, mini-salads. They will decorate the table with their stylish shape and perfect transparency.
 The material from which these verrines are made is borosilicate glass, which is highly resistant. Due to the double walls they can withstand heating in a microwave oven, open flame, can be washed in a dishwasher and used for extreme cooling of beverages. Also, the material perfectly withstands any mechanical stress while maintaining integrity.


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