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Awaken beautiful, shimmery, sparkly shine in your ciders, meads, and wines!

A dash of our incredible new Sparkle will have your Brewsy creation instantly shimmering. Perfect for gifting, celebrations, and making your Brewsy as unique as you are!

The large jars ship free & small jars ship free with any order above $12.

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What if I don't like it? 🤔

We'll give you a 100% instant refund, just like any of our products. ✅

Is it food safe? 🤔

Yes! Brewsy Sparkle is powered by mica-based pearlescent pigments & titanium dioxide, both simple & natural ways to achieve a sparkling shine!

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Why Sparkle your wine?
Gift even fancier wines, ciders, & meads!
Celebrate incredible events with a special touch!
Make your delicious drinks look even delicious-er!
Make your Brewsy as unique as YOU!

how it works

Step 1:

Make Brewsy

Just make incredible Brewsy wine, cider, or mead like you regularly would.

Step 2:

Add a pinch of Sparkle!

Just add a pinch of Sparkle. It instantly shimmers your entire wine! You're done!

Step 3:

(Optional) Cork & give away!

You can use our Corking & Aging Kit to cork and give away your wine, too!

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