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Each kit makes 12 bottles of wine.
Pinot Noir - 2.5 gal


Malbec - 2.5 gal


Pinot Grigio - 2.5 gal


Choose your starter kit

what's in the box?
everything you need to make 12 bottles of wine and more!
three magical brewsy bags!
three airlocks
an amazing winemaking book!
stickers to label your juice!
the varietal starter packs also include
two glass gallon jugs!
2.5 gallons of fresh juiced wine grapes!
an awesome funnel!
how it works
now, you can make delicious wines & ciders at home the same way they're made in wineries around the world!

12% ABV wine is just 7 days away:
1. sweeten the juice
sweeten any store bought juice to get it as sweet as wine grapes.
2. juice, meet yeast
add one of three included brewsy bags, a beautiful blend of wine yeast + 5 other ingredients.
3. watch it bubble away
your juice will start bubbling away as the yeast eat the sugar to produce alcohol and carbonation.
why wine's better with brewsy
we all know homemade is simply better – and it's true for wine and cider too. ‍

but that's not the only reason brewsy wines & ciders are better than the factory-made bottles you've had before...
guaranteed tasty or we give you your $$$ back
you get to choose exactly how sweet you want your wine or cider
you can make 12 bottles of wine with the starter kit and 12 more with each brewsy bag refill!
100% sulfite-free, preservative free, and free of artificial ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Based on 710 reviews
Katie Courtnage (Tucson, US)
Yummy yum yum!

I love Brewsy! I subscribe and get bags every month. My favorites to brew are strawberry lemonade and apple cider.

Stuart Overstreet (Roanoke, US)
Love this stuff

I've had really good success with brewsy, I mostly make mead and they turn out great. I love how simple the process is. Brewsys customer service is fantastic, great company to deal with!

Jessica Post (Soddy-Daisy, US)
Loads of fun!

I’ve currently made 5 different kinds of wine and they are in various stages of fermentation, crashing, and aging. Can’t wait to see what can make next!

Marcia Wilson (Naperville, US)

Got started brewing in July of 2021.
Fun hobby! Thanks Brewsy!

Aaron Cathcart (San Clemente, US)
Fun and delicious!

Easy, quick and delicious! Fun and rewarding!

Jwc1975 (Waveland, US)
Homemade wine is the best!

Never thought I could make wine at home, but here I am knocking it out the park thanks to Brewsy!

Tracy Wall
So easy and FUN!

My husband brewed beer for years and was a huge doubter. I bought my first kit as a Christmas present for myself. I used the breezy reserve for my first couple batches then I got brave and started venturing out with juice and even fresh fruit. I’ve had nothing but good luck! I like controlling the sugar, alcohol and preservatives. I love there any questions I have are answered so quickly by text. I encourage everyone to at least try it! The return policy is awesome though I have never used it. Hope y’all have as much fun as I am having!

John Watson (Grapevine, US)
Easy and fun!

One of my friends started fermenting his own mead. I always envied him, but thought it would be too much work until I found brewsy. This is a great product that makes making cider, mead, and wine super simple. The community is great about giving feedback and the customer service is too notch!

Michael MacKany (Chippewa Falls, US)
Brewsy Review.

Love using the Brewsy bags as it simplifies the wine making process. I have been
making wine for over 7 years and you have changed small batch winemaking!

Linda Brown (Toledo, US)
My go to wine.

Love the ease of making it and the joy of drinking it.