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brewsy takes just 15 minutes to start and 7 days to finish
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as easy as making pasta from the box.

brewing your own real wines + ciders is now just as easy as cooking dinner.
grab some juice + sugar
add a brewsy bag + special airlock
wait 7 days + enjoy!
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"A-MAZE-ING!!!!! Not only was the wine I made with brewsy SO good, but it was SO FUN making my own wine from my favorite Trader Joe's juice. Already grabbed box #2 for my sis!!! 🥰"
Courtney K. — Los Angeles, CA
"My mom and I had such a fun time making our wine and watching it bubble away as it brewed... but the best part was drinking it together!!"
Alex L. — Brooklyn, NY
"There's something fulfilling about drinking booze that you make yourself. This kit makes for a fun hobby. The flavor possibilities are endless, and the customer service is amazing!"
Matt — Joplin, MO
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We shrunk a winery into a packet
we shrunk the entire commercial winemaking process down into one tiny packet and just 5 short days. ‍

along the way, we ditched the 13 gross preservatives & chemicals found in most commercial wines.
thanks to the brewsy scientists, we can now harness the power of natural winemaking at home.
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There’s a community of thousands of new winemakers and future friends waiting to say hi!
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