Digital Sign Up

Hello and WELCOME to the Brewsy community! 🎉
Here's how to complete your digital sign-up into Brewsy.

1. Sign up for our all-day text support hotline
Making Brewsy can sometimes seem challenging. Or maybe you want to bounce an idea off an expert. Part of your purchase includes lifetime support via text — so you can text us anytime, any day, and our winemaking experts will answer any questions you have.

2. Join our community

One of the best parts about Brewsy is the community! Join our groups and meet thousands of other winemakers.

We have two groups: the First Pour Club for beginners and Club Brewsy for advanced Brewsy brewers as well. Join First Pour Club to start, and then join Club Brewsy when you're ready to take your winemaking game to the next level.

When you're asked for a secret code, just type in BREWSYCREW21.

Now it's time to get brewing!