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Your Questions, Answered

So many reasons to grab a Brewsy Carbonator...

  • 1

    Drink Better Beverages

    Kick the cans to the curb! Make sodas, carbonated boozy drinks, and anything else at home!

  • 2

    100 Days Risk Free

    Purchase without worry! We offer returns on all items within 100 days of receipt with free pre-paid return labels.

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    Make Any Drink for Pennies!

    Keep enjoying your favorite drinks for less than ever.

How the Carbonator Works

Step 1:

Get your Brewsy Carbonator

Start by ordering the Endless Plan or the regular Starter Kit. Both come with everything you need.

Step 2:

Load in your universal CO2

You get a canister of compressed CO2. It takes seconds to load into your machine

Step 3:

Carbonate anything

Fill your Bottle with any icy-cold beverage. Simply push down the head of the machine once or twice to carbonate to your desired fizz level.

Step 4:

Send us your empties!

Each CO2 bottle carbonates 75 one liter bottles. Mail us your empties for free and we'll send you more CO2 bottles. Pre-paid return boxes and labels included!

Amazing reviews from the Brewsy Community!