4 glass gallon jugs

and free shipping to all 50 states!
  • 4 beautiful glass gallon fermentation jugs with steel twist-on caps
  • Perfect for homebrewing, storing, and aging wine before bottling
  • 100% compatible with the Brewsy airlock

FREE 6-month warranty!

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what's in the box?
everything you need to make 18 bottles of wine and more!
three magical brewsy bags!
an awesome funnel!
an amazing winemaking book!
stickers to label your juice!
two glass gallon jugs!
2.5 gallons of fresh juiced wine grapes!
how it works
now, you can make delicious wines & ciders at home the same way they're made in wineries around the world!

15% ABV wine is just 5 days away:
1. sweeten the juice
sweeten any store bought juice to get it as sweet as wine grapes.
2. juice, meet yeast
add one of three included brewsy bags, a beautiful blend of wine yeast + 5 other ingredients.
3. watch it bubble away
your juice will start bubbling away as the yeast eat the sugar to produce alcohol and carbonation.
why wine's better with brewsy
we all know homemade is simply better – and it's true for wine and cider too. ‍

but that's not the only reason brewsy wines & ciders are better than the factory-made bottles you've had before...
guaranteed tasty or we give you your $$$ back
you get to choose exactly how sweet you want your wine or cider
you can make 12 - 18 bottles of wine with the starter kit and 12 - 18 more with each brewsy bag refill!
100% sulfite-free, preservative free, and free of artificial ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Marianna Reid (Omaha, US)
So much fun!!

So much fun trying out new flavors and doesn’t take a ton of time every day or experience. Can start out simple/easy and ramp up to intricate flavors and methodology for hardcore enthusiasts. Love the support and customer service!!!!! (Cherry wine with homemade cheese and bread along garden veg- it ALL goes together!!!!!!) ❤️

Alex Martinez (Saint John, US)
Highly Addictive and fun!!!

I ordered the kit with not too high expectations. I am currently on my 8th batch of wine, 3rd batch of cider, and I am cold crashing ny first attempt at Mead! Its so much fun to do and being that it's fresh and no chemical preservatives, we have never had a headache or hangover like we have had with store bought wines.

Maria Anderson (Norton, US)
Cranberry & Watermelon :-|

The process of making wine using the Brewsy product and following their instructions was easy and very straight forward. Sorry to say however, my daughter, who by the way chose the Cranberry & Watermelon juice, was not enthralled with the resulting wine. Will try again in about a week's time since the wine is supposed to improve with age. The picture I included was before the wine was racked so still a bit cloudy.

Jim Evee (Colorado Springs, US)
Easy & Fun

Made great tasting and nicely potent cran-grape wine.

Alice Matura (Houston, US)
Great Product, Great Company!

I love Brewsy, I have been making wine for a month and I love it! Delivery is fast and customer service is outstanding! I highly recommend Brewsy if you are looking to make great wine 🍷

Heather (Spring Valley, US)
Great hobby for the soon to be cold months in the US

Super easy and fun to try different brews!!

Gary Mace (Tavernier, US)

My first batch was a Concord Natural Gape Juice, 128 oz (1.5 gal). Put 3 3/4 cups of sugar and a brewsy bag, mix it up, airlock, wait 3 days while it bubbles, rack, then crash in fridge for 48 hours. It’s that easy my wife who is an avid wine drinker said, “Ive had a lot worse”. Now I’m doing a cranberry wine. It’s NOT only EASY but it’s FUN!!!

Bri Boldon (Atlanta, US)
Put that alcoholism to good use

I like alcohol. I used to buy a lot. I don’t have to anymore. Brewsy has given me a neat hobby that taps into my passion and gives me a nice product I can be proud of and share with friends. I feel like an artisan now and I’m saving money.

Kris (Seattle, US)
Loving Brewsy!

I'm really enjoying my new hobby! You've made home brewing simple and fast....planning on hooking some friends into Brewsy with my Halloween brews!!

D.C. (Westport, US)
Luv it

My first batch was funtastic. More fermenting as we speak .