August Community Recipe of the Month

by team brewsy sat, jul 31, 21

Welcome to our first edition of Challenge Recipe of the Month.  Every month we will post a recipe challenge contest to see who makes the most successful!

To enter the contest, all you need to do is attempt one (or all) of the recipes and post your reactions and images of your recipe on social media (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter) or in our Facebook Community. You must tag our account and add the topic  #BrewsyChallenge to your post for consideration. The best recipes may even receive a special surprise from Team Brewsy😉


Here are our challenge recipes for August:

  • Brewsy Creation with Dandelion Petals

  • This flowery and radiant creation is the perfect challenge recipe to make with friends and family. There are many ways for you to do this recipe, just make sure that you include Dandelion petals as a key ingredient. You can make a vibrant fruit wine or a sweet dandelion mead. The choice is yours! 


    • Use only the yellow dandelion petals themselves. Do NOT include the stems. 
    • You can pick the dandelions or buy them from the store. Make sure that they were not exposed to any pesticides or any pets!
    • Use 8-12 cups of dandelion petals and 2-3 lbs of sugar (varies based on sweetness preferences and other ingredients you include)
    • We recommend adding dandelion petals to a base of between 2 quarts to a 1 gallon of boiling water before making your wine. This is how you should extract the dandelion flavor and add it to your wine. Use varying amounts of water based upon how concentrated you want the dandelion flavor. 
    • Once the water cools, strain the dandelion petals and move to your gallon container. 
    • Raisins, orange slices (must be removed before adding yeast), and lemons are all good ingredients to include 

  • Summer Sangria

  • In honor of Summer 2021 getting off to a hot start, let’s make a recipe that is perfect for any warm summer afternoon. There are no restrictions to this recipe. The only requirement is that it must be served with fruit added after fermentation. You can make a ripe blended fruit wine with raspberries and orange slices or you can opt for a dry sangria with vibrant summer fruits added before serving. A strawberry kiwi tropical fruit wine or a blended wine that combines two different fruit juices are is also good ideas.  Choose your sweetness, choose your base, and choose your added fruits. Let your imagination run wild!

    You can add fruit before fermentation or just before serving. Make sure to rack your wine several times before adding fruit. Check out this blog post for making fruit wines or the guides section of Brewsy’s First Pour Club on Facebook.

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly 

  • You read correctly! We want you to turn what was probably your childhood lunch of choice into an adult beverage. Keep in mind that you should turn the peanut butter into a liquid before adding it to your Brewsy creation. To turn the peanut butter into a liquid, we recommend turning it into a simple syrup. To do this, add the peanut butter to a pot with water and sugar at a 1:2 ratio (½ cup peanut butter, 1 cup water/sugar) and boil it in a pot until it liquifies. The choice is yours of when you can add it to your creation.  It can be before or after fermentation!

    For the base of your recipe, you should use a juice that includes peanut butter and grape flavors. If you choose a wine, we recommend using a base of grape juice, strawberry juice, or another base that passes in a classic homemade PB & J. For cider, you can use a base of apple juice and other fruits, but we recommend adding peanut butter simple syrup after fermentation. Mead can be made using a combination of peanut butter and honey. Just make sure to add fruit flavoring of some kind to create a nutty, fragrant peanut butter fruit mead. The choice is yours!

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    August Community Recipe of the Month
    August Community Recipe of the Month
    by team brewsy