About Us

Brewsy is just a few folks who really, really care about the spreading just how fun it is to make your own delicious & fermented boozy drinks at home. We're a young company in an old & relatively unchanged industry. In the face of the Amazon-ification of homebrewing, we're resisting the tides. We care about community, and we have active online Facebook groups where you you can be meet all of your fellow Brewsy winemakers and get to share moments with them online. Some of the our best developments at Brewsy have been made hand-in-hand with our winemakers. And that's the difference: at Brewsy, we work for you.

Our Values

At Brewsy, our internal company values drive our work. They're so important to us that they're worth shouting from the rooftops (online).1. CreativityWe are relentlessly creative in our pursuit and execution of bringing new consumer goods and experiences to the market.2. Fun, Accessibility, & InclusivenessOur community is one of open arms and we design our products to be as accessible as possible. We seek to eliminate pretentiousness.3. Honesty & TransparencyWe communicate honestly, quickly, and completely transparently to our winemakers. Our products are designed to facilitate the greatest possible understanding of what's inside them.4. Spirit of UsWe are a community of winemakers. At Brewsy, we are simply members the community lucky enough to work on the project of making winemaking more accessible. We work for the community – not ourselves.

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frequently asked questions

Does Brewsy work with juice with preservatives, or pasteurized juice?

Yes, it does! The Brewsy formula can actually work with nearly all store-bought juice (even Arnold Palmer, if you’re feeling adventurous).

In U.S grocery stores, most juice is preserved with ascorbic acid, which works completely fine with our formula.

If you’re shopping in the international aisle, keep an eye out for juices with potassium sorbate, though. It’s not often found in U.S-made juices, but it’s the one preservative that won’t work with our formula.

The Brewsy Bag isn't just yeast, right?

No, the Brewsy bag isn’t just yeast at all — it’s actually a blend of five ingredients. Over hundreds of tests, the Brewsy bag has been carefully formulated to make sure YOU make the best wine possible!

Transparency is important to us — as well as knowing exactly what’s going in our bodies. Because of that, we want to share exactly what we put into each and every Brewsy bag:

1. An industry-exclusive wine yeast

2. A carefully-blended mixture of micronutrients

3. Potassium bicarbonate (to cut down on acidity)

4. Bentonite (a volcanic clay that adds clarity to your wine)

5. Malolactic culture (to turn harsher flavors into softer, smoother ones)

is it gluten free?


brewsy is 100% gluten-free and made in a facility that does not process gluten-containing ingredients.

is it keto? low-carb? low-sugar?

yes! brewsy is 100% keto-friendly and every single recipe has a 'low sugar' or keto setting! in fact, you can CHANGE any full-sugar juice into a low-sugar wine with brewsy!

100% of our recipes can be made keto-style with as little as 1g of sugar per serving. simply pick a recipe, then use our sweetness calculator on our starter recipe page and choose 'DRY | KETO'. after your wine/cider is done, you can add monkfruit, stevia, etc to taste!

when does it expire?

brewsy bags: the brewsy bags (packets) will last 1.5 years in storage.

wine or cider: your wine or cider will last 3-5 years in your refrigerator!

how sweet will it be?

great news: it's 100% up to you!

we build a really cool sweetness calculator that works with ANY of our recipes and it lets you pick whether you want your wine dry / keto, semi-dry, semi-sweet, sweet, extra sweet, or dessert wine! you can check it out in action in our starter recipe at GetBrewsy.com/go

why isn't most wine vegan?

Almost all wines that you'll find in the store go through an unnecessary clarifying step where gelatin (from pigs) or shellfish products are used to make the wine more clear. Fortunately, you can instead clarify the wine you make at home with a mechanical step called racking. The Brewsy Bag is completely vegan, made without any animal products.

what if I don't like it?

Refunds and returns can be made within 30 days of your purchase. Please reach out to our awesome customer service team at hello@getbrewsy and we will assist you!