The Aging Kit
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Bottle, cork, and age your Brewsy creations with ease. Includes a corker, 12 corks, 20 doses of Fermentation Stabilizer (sorbates) and Flavor Protector (sulfites), and instructions. Bring your own wine bottles or grab some from us.

The Aging Kit subscription gets you a monthly refill of Fermentation Stabilizer, Flavor Protector, and 12 more corks. You should try it out!


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What if I don't like it?

We'll give you a 100% instant refund, just like any of our products. ✅

What's the science on sulfites?

Sulfites are a safe addition to wine to stabilize it for room-temperature storage and have been used for over 2,000 years.

Sulfites are not known to be directly related to hangovers or hangover symptoms in most people.

The FDA estimates that 1% of people are hypersensitive to sulfites. However, 99.9% of store-bought wine includes sulfites!

Our Aging Kit includes the minimum possible amount of sulfites necessary to age your wine.

What comes in the automatic refills?

The Aging Kit automatic refills include Fermentation Stabilizer, Flavor Protector, and 12 more corks. It doesn't come with another corker.

You can downgrade to just corks or just Stabilizer & Protector at any time.

You can skip any month or cancel your subscription instantly via text, email, or Facebook Messenger.

how it works

Step 1:

Make Brewsy

Just make incredible Brewsy wine, cider, or mead like you regularly would.

Step 2:

Rack, Then Add Flavor Protector

Each time you rack your wine, add a single included scoop of Flavor Protector (sulfites).

Step 3:


When you're ready to bottle your wine, add one more scoop of Flavor Protector and a single scoop of Fermentation Stabilizer (sorbate) per gallon of Brewsy right to the carboy.

Step 4:

Bottle & Cork

Using the corks & corker, bottle and cork your Brewsy. This is super easy and fun!

Step 5:

Age at Room Temperature

Now your Brewsy is ready for room temperature storage! Age your Brewsy as long as you'd like – or gift it to friends!

Why try the aging kit?
Up to 2X as delicious in just a few weeks 😍
Smoother flavors & less harsh alcohol taste 👌
Room temp storage saves fridge space so you can make more! 👩‍🍳
Gift your wine to friends & family with ease 🎁
what's in the aging kit?
everything you need to bottle & age your wine, cider, and mead.
super easy corker!
12 universal corks!
Fermentation Stabilizer (sorbates)
Flavor Protector (sulfites)

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