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Mon, Sep 07, 20

for those of us on low-carb/low-sugar diets, it is such a headache trying to find drinkable wines and ciders. thankfully, it’s simple and easy to make wines & ciders with brewsy with 1-3 grams of sugar per glass (we used welch's concord grape). here’s how:

  1. decide how much wine/cider you are trying to make and the nutrition facts of your juice. for a half-gallon of welch's grape juice (8 fl oz servings), there are 36 total grams of sugar per serving.  
  2. use the sweetness calculator on the “DRY” setting (10% as sweet as your juice) to determine how much sugar to add and juice to remove. for welch's concord grape, you would pour out 1.5 cups of juice (approximately 1 3/4 servings of juice) and add 0.75 cups of sugar.  This will allow your wine to have 3.6 g per 8 fl oz. since wine glasses are 5 fl oz, you will have 2.25 g sugar per glass (3.6 * (5/8) = 2.25).
  • NOTE: it is important that you add sugar when making a keto recipe because our yeast will eat all the sugar in your juice and your wine will have no flavor. the added sugar cancels out with yeast enough so that there about 2 grams of sugar per serving.
  • open your brewsy bag and pour the contents in. seal your juice again and shake well.  add your 'hello' sticker to your juice and make sure to write down the date and time.
  • replace your juice cap with your airlock (see video here), add water to 'fill line', and leave in a dark and warm place (75-77 degree F) for three days. cover with a towel if necessary for darkness and/or keeping warm. save the juice cap!  
  • after 3 days, move to the fridge for 48 hours. optional: remove the airlock and replace it with the original cap, but *not* tightened onto the juice container. instead, leave it loosely on top.
  • after 48 hours in the fridge, your yeast will have fallen to the bottom of your container. (optional) you can now carefully pour your wine off of the sediment into a secondary container for bottling. you may find that sediment will build up again, and your wine might need to be poured off ('racked') once more. note: this sediment is completely safe to drink if accidentally consumed. 
  • enjoy! your wine will continue to improve with age.
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