The process

Brewsy is powered by months of research and trial & error

We spent months & tens of thousands of dollars reverse-engineering what makes amazing wine. We blended together just the right amount of six previously inaccessible winemaking ingredients to make each brewsy bag work like magic by transforming sugars into alcohol.
Pour Wine
how it works
step 1
grab any sweet drink
grab any juice or sweet drink – or make your own.
step 3
make it a little sweeter
wine grapes are twice as sweet as juice, so we need to add some sugar.
step 2
add a brewsy bag
simply tear open & pour in the brewsy bag. then shake it up!
step 3
add our special airlock on top
our airlocks seal off our juice but still lets bubbles escape. they fit in any container.
step 4
yeast eat sugar
your yeast wake up, swim around, and eat some sugar for five days! in exchange, they make alcohol & bubbles. the yeast go dormant when your wine is 12% ABV.
step 5
separate the yeast
leave the juice in the fridge for 2 more days so the yeast fall out of the juice and settle on the bottom of the container.
our ingredients
amazing wine yeast
we start with an industry-exclusive wine yeast, notable for its vigorous character, floral notes, and super fast speeds
organic micronutrients
we use a dual-nutrient system of two patented organic blends: one helps our yeast rehydrate, and the other helps them stay energized afterward
this microporous natural volcanic clay has been used for thousands of years to add clarity to wine. ours is a brand-new, exclusive formulation designed to produce cleaner wine than ever
potassium bicarbonate
this ingredient helps reduce excess acidity caused by temperature swings found in living rooms & residential kitchens
malolactic culture
this helper organism works somewhat like yeast – except instead of eating sugar, it eats harsh malic acid and produces softer lactic acid. we use an expensive, exclusive strain known for being friendly with our yeast
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