brewsy welcome kit
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The basic kit comes with everything you need to make 12 bottles of wine, cider, or mead. Just bring your own juice and 1 gallon container. Contains:

  • 3 Brewsy Bags
  • 3 Airlocks
  • Wine Clarifier
  • Brewsy App & Community Groups
  • Unlimited Customer Support Via Text 

The Premium kits contain everything in the basic kit AND:

  • 2 Glass Gallon Carboys ($40 value)
  • 2.5 Gallons of Vineyard-Fresh Juiced Wine Grapes (makes 12 bottles - $50 value)

Swipe to the end of the images above to meet our incredible varietals.

Every order comes with Free US Shipping & our 365 Day Guaranteed Refund

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The better welcome kit includes our limited edition box design and starter glassware: 4 bottles, 2 glass gallon jugs, reusable corks, and a funnel.

The winemaker's bundle includes the better welcome kit and our Brewsy Reserve Chardonnay crushed & juiced grapes (makes 5 bottles of Chardonnay).
basic starter kit
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better welcome kit
winemaker's bundle
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what's in the box?
everything you need to make 12 bottles of wine and more!
three magical brewsy bags!
three airlocks
an amazing winemaking book!
stickers to label your juice!
the varietal starter packs also include
two glass gallon jugs!
2.5 gallons of fresh juiced wine grapes!
an awesome funnel!
how it works
now, you can make delicious wines & ciders at home the same way they're made in wineries around the world!

12% ABV wine is just 7 days away:
1. sweeten the juice
sweeten any store bought juice to get it as sweet as wine grapes.
2. juice, meet yeast
add one of three included brewsy bags, a beautiful blend of wine yeast + 5 other ingredients.
3. watch it bubble away
your juice will start bubbling away as the yeast eat the sugar to produce alcohol.
why wine's better with brewsy
we all know homemade is simply better – and it's true for wine and cider too. ‍

but that's not the only reason brewsy wines & ciders are better than the factory-made bottles you've had before...
guaranteed tasty or we give you your $$$ back
you get to choose exactly how sweet you want your wine or cider
you can make 12 bottles of wine with the starter kit and 12 more with each brewsy bag refill!
100% sulfite-free, preservative free, and free of artificial ingredients.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 652 reviews
Bonnie Marcil (Gardner, US)
My favorite new hobby!

I am so happy I found Brewsy! I wasn’t sure it would be as good as it sounded but It’s even better! It’s easy and fun and delicious! The customer service and Brewsy community has been amazing!

Kim Kraus (Satellite Beach, US)
So much fun!

I have been wanting to try brewsy for a while now. Got it for my friend as a birthday gift in the summer but was secretly super jealous :). Then I mentioned I wanted it to my husband in December and he told me to buy it without a second thought. And now here we are 5 batches in - black cherry plum, mead, apple cider, peach mango v8, and white cranberry. Each person that tries them has a different favorite one! Love the process and it’s so different with each batch I make. The variety is limitless. Thanks Brewsy!

Michael Embree
Thumbs up!

I've always loved making wine, or beer, etc. Brewsy helps make it super easy and convenient. And obviously extremely good customer service, etc. Definitely try it if you haven't :)

Toni stewart (Thornton, US)
So easy even I can do it!!!

I love wine- not just one specific kind- I love trying all kinds of wine! I also have a brain injury and following instructions can be difficult- lucky for me, and you, Brewsy makes the task of brewing our own wine very easy! I’ve made several batches, bought some extra supplies and felt an overwhelming feeling of pride on Christmas when my family enjoyed 4 bottles of wine with our festivities! There is a little work involved, most of it being patience, but that’s easy considering the amazing wine we get to enjoy! I’ve bought kits for friends and family and can say I’m going to be a lifetime Brewsy user! A lot of pride comes in those little Brewsy bags!

Christine C. (Sanbornton, US)
Brewsy is awesome!

Brewsy is easy, fun, makes great wine, and the Brewsy team is awesome! Thank you!

Joyce Barron (Tacoma, US)

Started researching how to make healthy, clean, organic wine and found Brewsy. I have digestive issues and can't drink store wine because of the sulfates and I try to consume only organic products. I'm on gallon #7 and am in LOVE with the process, the ingredients, and the end product ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you Brewsy!

LeeAnn Smith (Huntsville, US)
Good to the last drop…..

Having the last glass of my Christmas cranberry pomegranate!! 🎄

Debra RayWilson (Mountain City, US)
A hobby to enjoy, drink and celebrate with family and friends.

It's so easy to do. Buy the starter package. Buy any juice that you like to drink.
Add recommended amount of sugar per brewsy website.
Put it together per instructions.
Each day give it a little swirl, after 5-7 days, cold crash in refrigerator like the instructions
After 7 days, take a little sip, then a taste, then a glass, call some friends, have them bring the food because you've supplied the wine....PARTY....WOO HOO PARTY!!

Rick Smith (Burlington, US)
I am loving my new hobby!

I just finished bottling 14 bottles from 3 gallons of brewsy wine. I am loving my new hobby. To me, it is much better tasting wine than I get from the store or from wine sellers. There are no harsh chemicals so I'm getting the true taste of my wine. I have a feeling I will be making wine for a good while now.

Allison Walker (Pawtucket, US)
Never knew you could even make wine from home,,thanks Brewsy 🥂

Been making wine just a year now I enjoy and look forward to trying each new batch and my co-workers family and friends don't mind the free samples I'll never run out of ideas!!