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The most incredible wines are aged in huge oak barrels. Now, get the same complexity at home with our incredible oak chips. Just soak your already-made Brewsy creations in your new oak chips. Control the amount of oaky flavor by changing how long they soak. Sample sizes ship for $4.99 unless order is above $15.

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What if I don't like it? 🤔

We'll give you a 100% instant refund, just like any of our products. ✅

What do I do with oak chips? 🤔

Many wines (especially reds & Chardonnays) are aged in huge oak barrels to impart incredible flavors, tannins, and smooth out harsh flavors.

Now, you can do the same thing in one or two gallon batches with our incredible French & American oak chips!

You just let them float in your Brewsy creations for a few days to about a week and viola – you have even more incredible creations!

Why oak your wine? 🌳
Up to 2X as delicious in just a few weeks 😍
Smoother flavors & less harsh alcohol taste 👌
With three toasting levels per oak type, try up to 6 new combinations for every Brewsy! 👩‍🍳
Gift even fancier wines, ciders, & meads! 🎁

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how it works

Step 1:

Make Brewsy

Just make incredible Brewsy wine, cider, or mead like you regularly would.

Step 2:

Let the oak soak!

Soak your oak chips in boiling water to remove the most bitter flavors, then let them soak in your wine!

Step 3:

(Optional) Cork, Bottle, & Age!

Optionally, use our new Corking & Aging kit to cork, bottle, and age your Brewsy to give it away or let it get even better with age!

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