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Better Starter Kit


$99.98. Free shipping.

Our incredible winemaking starter kit. One kit makes 12 bottles in 7 days.

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3 more brewsy bags - one time purchase


$24.99. Free shipping.

a refill of the bags that come with your brewsy welcome kit. one of these 3 bags will turn any container of juice into natural wine in 5 days. requires a previously purchased Brewsy Welcome Kit to use.

NEW: Start your Brewsy Bag subscription for just $7.99 for your first month with discount code BREWSY-REGULARS at checkout

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World's Easiest Hydrometer Kit


$49.99. Free shipping.

The world's easiest hydrometer kit, perfect for precisely measuring your ABV! We guarantee you'll be able to understand exactly how it works with our super-easy instructions and state-of-the-art online calculator. No math? No problem!

Plus, every purchase comes with a lifetime of replacement hydrometers for just $7.99 if you break yours. That's the cheapest on the Internet!

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Brewsy Starter Kit


$80.00. Free shipping.

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Two Basic Kit Bundle


$99.99. Free shipping.

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Four Better Kits Bundle


$400.00. Free shipping.

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Two Better Kits Bundle


$200.00. Free shipping.

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Four Basic Kit Bundle


$199.99. Free shipping.

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Three Better Kits Bundle


$300.00. Free shipping.

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Three Basic Kit Bundle


$149.99. Free shipping.

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Free French Oak Chips with $100+ Purchase


. Free shipping.

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Split Shipment


$0.00. Free shipping.

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